A Laser Reflects: A Runner for Life

A Laser Reflects: A Runner for Life

Note: Kevin Wallin is a senior co-captain on the Lasell Men's Cross Country team, and a four-year member of Lasell's cross country and track and field teams.

by Kevin Wallin '20

Hometown: Billerica, Mass.

Major: Accounting

Future Plans: Possibility of continuing on to Grad School

Supported Throughout Athletic Career By: Mom, Dad, and my brother Jeffrey

Notable Athletic Accomplishments: was part of the school record setting 4x100m team

When I was in 7th grade, my brother went into high school and joined the cross-country and track teams. I thought he was crazy for wanting to run long distances for fun. I told myself that I would never put myself through the torture of running. By the end of my 8th grade year, I heard my brother and parents tell me I should join the team when I go into high school countless times. I had held firm on my stance of not joining until one day, I gave in and said yes. That was the best decision of my life. Running quickly became one of my favorite parts of the day as I was able to hang with my friends and do something that I truly loved to do.

This past year, I was determined to make my last year of collegiate running one of my best ones and I put in all the time and effort to ensure that it was. When I found out the fate of my final season of track, I was devastated. Almost 8 years and 23 seasons of running came to an abrupt halt. 8 years ago, I never would have thought that I would become so attached to this sport. Since the news broke, I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on my running career and everything that came with it. Some of my closest friends and fondest memories have come from cross-country and track. I would not be the man that I am today if it were not for running and the people I have met on this journey. I have so many to thank for their support. Throughout high school and college, all my coaches and teammates supported and pushed me to improve and learn every day. I am so thankful for my parents who were there for me every step of the way and were always proud of my performances, even when I was not. They tried their best to be at every race of mine, no matter how far. I am also extremely thankful for my brother who is the reason behind my decision to run and one of my biggest supporters and always encouraging me to do better.

As for the future, I don't have any definite plans, but returning in the fall as a grad student and finishing my final season on the right foot is definitely a possibility. No matter what the future holds, my goal is to continue running in one way or another.