Why we are the Lasers...


From our earliest beginnings in the nineteenth century

when the lamp of knowledge was emblazoned on our

College seal, to the one hundred and fifty years of

Torchlight Parades, light has been a part of Lasell's rich

history. It is in this tradition of light, and the pursuit of

knowledge and excellence, that our athletes bear the name

LASERS. Lasers are by definition a source of intense

energy. Therefore, like a laser, our athletes are fast,

focused and intense on the fields and courts of athletic endeavor.


It all began with the light. Legend has it that in the spring of 1851, a group of individuals gathered together and as the sun rose in the sky, illuminating Bragdon Hill, these individuals with a laser-like  focus, made the decision to found a new school. As the founders, known as boomers, put shovels into the rocky New England soil, sparks flew and the flame of knowledge was ignited for a new generation of students.  The lamp of knowledge was emblazoned into the college seal.   Early in the history of Lasell College, the tradition of the Torchlight Parade took hold, with seniors marching through the campus, proudly holding high their burning torches, illuminating the academic path for future students as they passed on these symbols of light to the students who would succeed them ... and the flame of knowledge continues to burn brightly here at Lasell, where being "Ignorant of Defeat" is the way we live.


With the intensity of a laser, Lasell's growth and prominence has continued its boom for over 157 years, and in all that time, our torch has never dimmed   -- our flame of knowledge has never stopped burning brightly --    and our seniors continue to pass the torch to those they leave behind, as through their actions and deeds they bring light to the world wherever they go.   

It is time to shine the light on the Lasers.  Now is our boom-time.  Never before have we had more reason to hold high the Lasell torch, lighting the way for the world to see.  Who will lead us?  Who will carry the torch the highest?    Who will bring the light, and guide the Lasers to victory?  Who will take the burning intensity of the Lasers and make it come alive?       It will be our TORCHBEARER ... it will be our symbol of the LIGHT ... it will be our SPARK to victory ...

It will be BOOMER!  BOOMER will lead us; BOOMER will light our path; BOOMER will burn bright; BOOMER will inspire the Lasers; BOOMER will ignite us ; BOOMER will BEAR THE TORCH and show us the way!