Lasell University Athletic Hall of Fame




The purpose of the Lasell University Hall of Fame is to recognize, honor, and perpetuate the memory of those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Lasell  athletics and have helped bring excellence to Lasell University and its intercollegiate athletic programs.


Nominations will be solicited at the beginning of February every other year. Nominations will be accepted through May 15 for the induction cycle, and must be submitted electronically through the Lasell University athletic website or in writing to the Director of Athletics. If an individual is nominated, they will remain on the ballot indefinitely. The committee will meet in June to select the induction class. A minimum of three individual athletes and a maximum of five (not including honorary inductees) shall be inducted every other year. A maximum of one team of distinction may be selected; however, it is not required that a team be inducted every cycle. A maximum of one coach and/or administrator may be selected, however it is not required that one be inducted.  A maximum of two honorary inductees may be selected however it is not required that one be inducted.  The Director of Athletics will notify inductees of their selection to the Lasell University Hall of Fame following the June meeting of the selection committee.


Individual Athletes
Consideration will be given to nominees based on athletic ability, integrity and sportsmanship with emphasis on the athlete's contribution to Lasell Athletics and to the team or teams on which he or she participated.  Candidates should have distinguished themselves through outstanding achievement in intercollegiate athletics; having been recognized at the institutional, conference, regional and/or national level.  An athlete may be nominated at any time beginning five years after their graduation date from Lasell University.  

Teams of Distinction
Outstanding athletic teams are also eligible for selection, with special consideration given to those teams that have succeeded on a regional and/or national level. Post-season performance and teams that set benchmarks for achievement at the institution will weigh heavily in the decision-making process. Eligible teams must have concluded their season a minimum of five years prior to the induction year.

Coaches and Administrators
Coaches or administrators will qualify for nomination five years after their retirement or departure from Lasell University The success of teams/individuals will play a factor in the selection process; however, positively influencing student-athletes, making contributions to the program and engaging in the Lasell Community and will also be a part of the decision making process.  

Honorary Membership 
The selection committee may convey honorary membership to those individuals who, by virtue of their time, resources and dedication; have significantly supported and enhanced the intercollegiate athletic programs and the student-athletes of Lasell University. Their role may consist of faculty athletic representative, faculty advisor, staff member, financial supporter, valued employee of the athletic department, volunteer coach, athletic trainer or team physician among others. These contributions should be of significant duration (minimum of five years) and the individual must not currently be active with the Lasell University athletic department.

**No automatic criteria will be utilized for selection, and special consideration may be granted where it is deemed appropriate by the selection committee.**


The induction ceremony will take place every other year, during Family, Friends, Alumni and Reunion Weekend.  The induction ceremony will be coordinated jointly by the Athletic Department and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. The ceremony will include inductees, invited guests, athletic department staff members and college representatives.  Each inductee will receive a plaque commemorating their induction to the Lasell University Athletic Hall of Fame, and an identical plaque will be placed on display.  All inductees will also be included in the virtual Hall of Fame that will be housed both on the Athletic Department website and on the Lasell University website. In the event someone is inducted posthumously, his or her plaque will be presented to an appropriate relative or colleague.


  • Director of Athletics-Chair of the HOF Committee - Kristy Walter—(non-voting member)
  • Representative from the Office of Alumni Relations - Garbriella Giangregorio—(non-voting member)
  • Directof of Athletic Communications - Kent Cherrington
  • Faculty Athletic Representative - Janice Savitz
  • At-Large Member–Appointed by the Director of Athletics-Neil Hatem
  • (2) Members of the Hall of Fame –will remain unfilled until candidates are available.
  • (2) Athlete alumni—Tracey Downs ‘93; Stephen Petrin  ‘11
  • (4) Full-time administrators – Cait Connolly, Aaron Galletta, Bill Mason, Todd Montana