Alumni Spotlight - Jose Guitian '09

Alumni Spotlight - Jose Guitian '09

Alumni Spotlights are Q&A's with former Lasell student-athletes, across a myriad of sports, as they reflect on their Lasell experience and how it has shaped their lives today. Read more spotlight features here. 

Name: Jose Guitian

Graduation Year: 2009

Major: Sports Management

Sport(s) played at Lasell: Men’s Basketball

Hometown: New York, NY

Current Town/ City: Ponce, PR

Why did you decide to attend Lasell? Lasell was the only school that recruited me for basketball

Current Occupation/ Job Title: Play for Real Estelí in Nicaragua

Tell us about your job. What do you like most about your current role? I get to travel all over the world just to dribble a basketball. I’m blessed I love my job.

How did your experience at Lasell help prepare you for what you are doing today? Coach Galletta always prepared us for life in general. He taught me to never get too high and never stay too low.  Always stay humble and work hard. Take life one day at a time and get better each day.

What advice/insight do you have for Lasell alumni and current student-athletes interested in your career field?  You have to make sacrifices as a college athlete.  You have to put in the time to work on your game and become the best player you can be.  The world is filled with talented basketball players fighting for a chance to play professionally. You have to stand out and not take your four years in college for granted as it goes by so fast.  Stay humble and keep working. And Listen to Coach G, he knows what he’s doing!

Looking back on your time as a Lasell student-athlete, what is one of your favorite memories?  My favorite memory is when we played Northeastern my freshman year and I got my shot blocked on my first two jump shots. I mean we are talking blocked up into the stands.  I get subbed out and I’m really upset and mad. Coach Galletta tells me to sit next to him.  I remember him looking at me dead in the face and calmly saying, “If it was me I would pump fake next time, but that’s just me, we are two different people”.   He always had a unique way of getting his message across!

Have you attended Lasell Friends, Family and Alumni Weekend? If so, tell us about your experience returning to campus.  First time I came back to campus was three years after graduating.  There was a senior on the team, Javon Williams, who was a freshman my senior year.  He was having a great career and making his way up to my all-time scoring record.  The day I came back and watched he only scored 10 points so I knew my record was safe.  Luckily, we won the game because Coach G would have not been happy if I jinxed him! Returning to campus to be inducted in Lasell University’s first ever Hall of Fame was a really great honor. To see so many former teammates, faulty and staff was really an exciting night for me and my family.  To have Coach G introduce me and welcome me into the Hall of Fame was a moment I’ll never forget.