Alumni Spotlight - Javon Williams '12

Alumni Spotlight - Javon Williams '12

Alumni Spotlights are Q&A's with former Lasell student-athletes, across a myriad of sports, as they reflect on their Lasell experience and how it has shaped their lives today. Read more spotlight features here. 

Name Javon Williams

Graduation Year 2012

Major Communications

Sport(s) played at Lasell Basketball

Hometown Mattapan MA

Current Town/City Dorchester MA

Why did you decide to attend Lasell? Lasell had a great communications program and their basketball team had just gone to the NCAA tournament. I was eager to be a part of something special and achieve another tournament bid.

Current Occupation/ Job Title Account Executive

Tell us about your job. What do you like most about your current role? I work for a relocation/furniture company and my job is to make sure my clients are relocated efficiently to their destination. What I love most is learning and listening to what is important to my clients and helping them achieve their ideal looks and feel for their home.

How did your experience at Lasell help prepare you for what you are doing today? My experience at Lasell prepared me by allowing me to try new things. I cannot tell you how many failed ideas I worked on. Lasell gave me the ability to try as many new ideas as possible until I was able to land on one good one. I am very grateful for my time at Lasell.

What advice/insight do you have for Lasell alumni and current student-athletes interested in your career field?  Whatever you think is a good idea, go out and try it! Get any of your friends/classmates and work on projects together. The true power of college comes when a few students work together and create ideas. Those projects could land you a job in the future and they are a great way to network with people on campus.

Looking back on your time as a Lasell student-athlete, what is one of your favorite memories?  My favorite moment is watching my teammate Sean Bertanza score 55 points in a game. I swear, every shot Sean put up, was going in that day! If it wasn’t for a bogus call by the refs late in the game, we would have taken that game home with us. However, it was a game to remember and one I will never forget.

Have you attended Lasell Friends, Family and Alumni Weekend? If so, tell us about your experience returning to campus.  Returning to campus is always nostalgic. It’s always great to see former classmates and teammates. It’s also nice to meet new students and teammates and connect with them. The alumni weekend experience has always been one to enjoy.