The Student Athlete Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from every intercollegiate athletic team on Lasell's campus. It is designed to provide an avenue for student-athletes to advocate for their needs while also working in concert with other institutions within the Great Northeast Athletic Conference and the national NCAA Division III population to improve the student-athlete experience and to facilitate communication among student-athletes within an institution, conference and on the national scale. Please contact your Executive Board for more information on how you can become involved or to bring an issue to your advisory committee. 

The Student Athletic Advisory Commitee worked especially hard during the 2014-15 school year, creating the first-ever Unified Event at Lasell College. The student-run event put together a series of unified sporting events, such as basketball and soccer, complete with an opening ceremony. The story was an immediate hit for our viewers, particularly the members of our Special Olympics Partnership. As one of the top three stories in Division III, the Unified Event story was nominated for the June Special Olympics Spotlight Poll. When the polls closed, Lasell clenched first place with 516 of 899 total votes, earning the June Spotlight, which is now featued on the DIII homepage and the DIII monlthy maganize. Addtionally, Lasell will recieve $500 to next year's Special Olympics Event. Read more about our story here.


2015-16 SAAC Board

Co-Presidents: Bridget Delaney, Sammy Long

Vice President: Brooke Bergeron

Secretary: Denise Landry

Treasurer: Shannon Motz 



2014-15 SAAC Board

President: Denise Archetto 

Vice President: Taylor Hulitzky

Treasurer: Caitlyn Brecher

Secretary: Brianna Robbins


2014-15 SAAC Membership:

Jamie Trevino – Field Hockey

Courtney Brahman – Field Hockey

Brianna Kulvete –Field Hockey

Erin Murray – Field Hockey

Denise Landry – Field Hockey

Dan Raffol – Men’s Volleyball

Phu Do – Men’s Volleyball 

Jose Delgado – Men’s XC & Track and Field

Meredith Eagan – Women’s Volleyball

Haley Dennis – Women’s Volleyball

Michele Canestro – Women’s Volleyball

Brooke Bergeron – Women’s Lacrosse

Bridget Delaney – Women’s Lacrosse

Samantha Long – Women’s Basketball

Danielle Rafuse – Softball

Alyson Sliwa – Softball


2013-14 SAAC Board

President: Jen McGurgan

Vice President: Denise Archetto

Treasurer: Santina Antoshak

Secretary: Taylor Hulitzky



For more information from the NCAA on the role of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee click here...