Name: Shannon Motz

Major: Event Management
Fashion Merchandising  

Internship/Job: Blue Key Society Ambassador at Admissions

Sport team & Position: Field Hockey, defense

One personal goal for this season: I really would love to score this season! Since I mainly play defense, I haven’t really had the opportunity to.

Pregame superstition: One of my teammates always does my hair in two Dutch braids that are tied with bright green hair bands

Car do you drive- red mini cooper
Favorite Food- avocados
Favorite Movie- I wouldn't say I have an all-time favorite movie, but I really like scary movies
Favorite Sports Team- Don't really pay attention to professional sports sooooo LCFH
Favorite Phone App- Instagram
Motto to live by- Something about living each day to the fullest and not taking things for granted
iPhone or Android- iPhone always
Percent phone battery you have right now- 89%
Best concert you attended- It's hard to pick just one! I think T Pain at this past summer's Firefly Festival
Favorite place to be at Lasell College- Don’t know if it's my favorite place, but I find myself spending a lot of time in Campus Center!


What attracted you to Lasell College?

I really loved how small it was, but still offered so many different things to it's students. I also liked how close it was to Boston but integrated into a town at the same time.


What do you hope to do when you graduate?

My ultimate goal is to plan concerts and music festivals. Right after I graduate though, I want to teach English abroad for a year.


What is your favorite memory of your time at Lasell?

I think it would be meeting all the people I've met here. I can honestly say that some of my best friends are the people I've gotten to know the past three years here and I couldn't be more thankful for them. 


How has your experience at Lasell prepared you for your future endeavors?

I've gotten to experience so many different things here at Lasell. From internships to guest speakers brought in to the Shoulder to Shoulder trip to the club and leadership opportunities, I've been able to do and see a lot of different things here at Lasell that I would not have had the chance to at many other schools. They've opened my eyes to so many different opportunities I never knew existed.


Tell me something about you that people might not know.

There's a buffalo farm down the road from my house!